WSI Joins Forces with the Tourism AI Network as a Trailblazing Partner, Leading in AI Adoption for the Tourism Industry


In a significant move to propel the tourism industry into the forefront of digital innovation, WSI, a global leader in digital marketing, has officially partnered with the Tourism AI Network (TAIN) as a Trailblazing Partner. This partnership marks a milestone in the history of both organizations and sets a new standard for AI adoption in the tourism sector.

WSI, renowned for its extensive history in guiding businesses through digital transformation, especially in digital marketing, has been a vanguard in the industry since its inception 2 years before the arrival of Google. WSI’s tagline, ‘Embrace Digital. Stay Human.’ resonates deeply with the essence of the tourism sector, a domain inherently centered around human experiences and connections, yet continuously evolving through digital innovation. WSI’s dedication to making complex digital technologies accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes is clear. Their pioneering spirit has led them to embrace AI, further solidifying their role as a leader in digital marketing and technological adoption.

The partnership between TAIN and WSI is a natural evolution, considering the intricate connections between the two entities. TAIN, under the parent company CIPR Communications, a WSI Certified Agency, has long been an active participant in the WSI agency network. Peter Pilarski, Founder of TAIN and a member of the WSI AI Leadership Committee, has been instrumental in bridging these two worlds.

“WSI has been a beacon of innovation in digital marketing and technology adoption, bringing immense value to CIPR Communications over the years,” said Pilarski. “This partnership with the Tourism AI Network opens up a wealth of expertise and resources to the tourism industry, helping it to embrace and leverage AI technology effectively.”

WSI has contributed significantly to the AI resources and tools that will now be accessible to Tourism AI Network participants. These include AI e-books, business assessments, and AI audits, to name a few, all tailored to meet the unique needs of the tourism industry. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way the tourism sector approaches AI, offering specialized solutions and approaches.

Robert Mitchell, Chief AI Officer at WSI, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Peter has been an integral part of WSI’s AI Leadership Committee from the very beginning. Our collaboration in piloting AI tools and solutions for the tourism industry has been groundbreaking. Through this partnership with TAIN, we are committed to intensifying our focus and bringing industry-specific AI solutions to the global tourism market. This marks the tourism industry as a leader in AI adoption and sets the stage for it to become a premier AI-first industry.”

The partnership between TAIN and WSI is not just a step forward for these organizations but a leap forward for the entire tourism industry. By accessing the vast resources and expertise of WSI, tailored specifically to the tourism sector through the Tourism AI Network, the industry is poised to become a benchmark in AI adoption and application.

To be part of this transformative journey and to learn more about how AI can revolutionize your approach to tourism, join the Tourism AI Network for free at

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