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We are excited to announce the release of the Tourism AI Network’s new podcast, the Tourism AI Podcast! The vision for this podcast is to foster a collaborative community within the realms of AI and tourism, where listeners can engage with the latest developments, insights, and perspectives about the industry and where things are heading. 

Hosted by Peter Pilarski and Emily Lundy, episodes will delve into discussions about recent advancements and trends, and feature interviews with experts from tech companies, AI service providers, DMOs and tourism operators. The goal is to facilitate meaningful conversations that ignite curiosity and inspire listeners to explore the potential implications of AI for their businesses and lives.

The inaugural episode introduces the podcast and the network, highlighting how the Network came to be to provide more insight about the value of joining and the activities we have planned.

The Network was born out of Peter’s involvement in the WSI AI leadership committee, where the realization of AI’s unstoppable growth became evident. As the world transitioned from considering AI as a shiny new toy in 2023 to embracing it as a real force in 2024, Peter recognized the need for a community that bridges the gap between AI enthusiasts and the tourism sector. With all the challenges faced by the tourism industry in the last several years, Peter’s vision to merge AI with his love for tourism materialized, leading to the birth of the Tourism AI Network. 

Post-pandemic, the Network seeks to refocus strategic direction in tourism to revitalize and fill in gaps in the industry. The Tourism AI Network envisions becoming the foremost authority on AI for the tourism sector. Beyond this lofty goal lies the crucial mission to build a global community of AI-first tourism professionals. This emphasis on community marks a departure from mere technological integration to a shared journey of learning, collaboration, and growth.

The Network’s mission revolves around driving the adoption and understanding of AI in the tourism industry. Through education, collaboration, and fostering a community of thought leaders and practitioners, the Tourism AI Network aims to empower individuals and organizations in navigating the AI landscape.

Operational efficiency, improved customer communication, personalized marketing, and dynamic pricing stand out as immediate benefits. Beyond these, the network foresees a future where AI transforms tourism operations by predicting traveler satisfaction, offering multilingual interactions, and even using AI-powered robots as tour guides in historical sites.

Join us biweekly for a new episode of the Tourism AI Podcast for up to date AI news, tips and tricks for your business, as well as fun segments like “Fact or Fiction,” where Peter and Emily debunk AI myths and showcase tourism innovation! 

Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts, and make sure to share it with your tourism colleagues! 

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