Unlock the Power of AI by Focusing on People First

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There are interesting trends happening in workplaces around the world that employers should be paying close attention to if they want to successfully take advantage of the AI revolution. Microsoft and LinkedIn gave us an in-depth look at these trends in their recently published 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report, which is a must read for employers and HR professionals in every corner of the tourism sector.

Before I get into the data, I want to share some thoughts about AI adoption based on a few podcasts I’ve listened to lately, as well as some conversations I’ve had with tourism leaders.

When it comes to successful AI adoption and what will inevitably be complete business transformation as a result of AI technology, businesses must focus on employees and culture first, processes and functions second and technology last.

I talk to many tourism leaders who go straight to questions about technology and the problems they want to solve. Then, they usually introduce me to their IT person to carry on the conversation. But while IT plays a pivotal role in AI transformation, senior business leaders, including Founders, Presidents and SEOs need to take an active role at every step of the way. It is the job of business leaders to lay out the AI vision, set the ground rules and, most importantly, begin to build a first culture of AI first innovation. Senior business leaders must also personally embrace and begin using AI so that they can be better equipped to lead their organizations’ AI transformation.

Most importantly, rather than starting with technology and IT, business leaders need to focus on people and culture first to unlock the power of AI in their organizations.

Today’s AI Revolution Means It’s Time For Leaders to lead

The 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report highlights a transformative shift in the workplace, where employees are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance their productivity and work satisfaction. When it comes to AI adoption at work, the reality is that employees are voting with their feet by using AI tools independently of their employers and generative AI is leading to greater work enjoyment and other benefits.

Employees Are Embracing AI—With or Without Employer Support

The report reveals a significant trend: employees are not waiting for their companies to provide AI tools—they are taking the initiative themselves. This phenomenon, known as BYOAI (Bring Your Own AI), is becoming widespread across all generations and company sizes. Here are some compelling statistics:

  • 78% of AI users are bringing their own AI tools to work, with this number rising to 80% in small and medium-sized companies.
  • 85% of Gen Z employees use AI tools at work not provided by their organization, followed closely by Millennials at 78%, Gen X at 76%, and Boomers at 73%.

This trend indicates a clear gap between employees’ needs and what their organizations are providing, pushing workers to seek solutions independently. However, this approach comes with risks, such as data security issues and potential inefficiencies from uncoordinated AI use.

AI Enhances Work Enjoyment and Productivity

Generative AI is not just a tool for efficiency; it’s also enhancing job satisfaction and creativity. The report provides robust data on the positive impacts of AI on work experience:

  • 90% of AI users say it helps them save time, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.
  • 85% report that AI enables them to concentrate on their most significant work, thus boosting overall productivity.
  • 84% feel that AI makes them more creative, giving them the freedom to explore innovative solutions.
  • 83% of users enjoy their work more with the help of AI.

These benefits highlight AI’s role in transforming the work environment into one that supports creativity, focus, and satisfaction. Employees are finding that AI not only helps them manage their workload more effectively but also enhances their overall work experience.

The Rise of AI Power Users

Power users of AI—those who frequently and effectively use AI tools—are reshaping their workdays in fundamental ways. These individuals are leading the way in demonstrating how AI can be integrated into daily workflows for maximum benefit. According to the report:

  • AI power users are 92% more likely to manage their workload effectively, boost their creativity, and focus on their most important work.
  • They are 91% more likely to feel motivated and enjoy their work more because of AI.

These statistics underscore the significant advantages for employees who fully embrace AI, suggesting that organizations should support and train their staff to become proficient AI users.


The 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report makes it clear that AI is not just a tool for improving efficiency; it’s a catalyst for enhancing job satisfaction and productivity. Employees are proactively adopting AI, often ahead of their employers, and reaping the benefits in terms of creativity, focus, and enjoyment at work.

For companies to fully unlock the power of AI, they must focus on supporting their people—providing the necessary tools, training, and strategic vision to harness AI’s potential effectively. By doing so, organizations can transform their workplaces, stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape AND have happier and more productive workplaces.

Read the full 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report by Microsoft and LinkedIn here. For more insights and to explore how AI can transform your work environment, join the Tourism AI Network for free today! 

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