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We believe that while AI will cause disruption, businesses and organizations that take a systematic, fact-based, hypothesis-driven approach, coupled with strong change management practices, will succeed in using AI to streamline operations, enrich customer experiences, and achieve success.

The Tourism AI Network is pleased to offer online courses. These courses have been created in consultation with North American operational and marketing experts that have been at the forefront of AI and its application to business. The teacher, Peter Pilarski will be your online host as you work through modules to push you further in your understanding of AI. Peter’s mission is to demystify the AI landscape, enabling individuals and businesses to navigate it with confidence. His teaching approach is centered on understanding the big picture and translating it to specific corporate goals and challenges that AI can solve.

Current Courses

  • 10 modules focused on increasing an individuals knowledge and understanding of AI
  • Online via learning management software so you can take the course on your time and at your pace.
    • Module 1: Introduction to AI in Tourism
    • Module 2: Top AI Tools for Tourism
    • Module 3: AI Use Cases in Tourism
    • Module 4: Evaluating AI Solutions for Tourism Businesses
    • Module 5: Implementing AI Solutions: A Workflow
    • Module 6: Keeping AI Process Up to Date
    • Module 7: Ethical Considerations for AI in Tourism
    • Module 8: Case Studies – Success and Failure
    • Module 9: Future Trends – The Road Ahead
    • Module 10: Real Applications and Next Steps
  • Downloads
  • Presentations and Course Materials
  • Eligible for credit towards the TAII AI Certification

Coming soon.

Planned Future Courses

  • AI for DMOs
  • AI Leadership
  • AI Policy Creation
  • AI Tool Specific Courses
  • AI Implementation Specific Courses
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