Artificial Intelligence Roadmap

The AI Roadmap is essential for tourism and hospitality businesses who have completed the AI Business Analysis process and are looking to take further steps in implementing artificial intelligence solutions within their business. 

The AI Roadmap takes the recommendations of your AIBA and provides a month by month tactical breakdown. The Tourism AI Network distills your analysis results and recommendations into a framework that can be used and implemented by your business with a focus on policy and training up front to ensure success. 

Your team is ready to take this next step, If they: 

  • Completed the AI Business Analysis 
  • Are excited after the AI Business Analysis and ready for more information
  • Need to be empowered on what the next steps are and how to take them
  • Require further training and guidance
  • Want to create smart department, specific AI policy
  • Have AI as part of their annual goals

What to expect?

  • In-depth collaborative workshop and discussion around initial findings and a review of organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), resources and budget for AI
  • Creation of tactical plan
  • Presentation and Discussion
  • Plotting roles and responsibilities; solidifying milestones and goals

You will receive a Tourism Business: AI Implementation Tactical Roadmap. The tactical roadmap is your business’s blueprint for implementing AI within your team. You will receive a plan tailored to your organization, available resources, and budget. 

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