The Tourism AI Network aims to work collaboratively with the tourism industry in North America. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to AI analysis and strategy development, as every team is distinct. Your team has its own understanding and level of awareness regarding AI, as well as unique challenges and opportunities.

Our collaborative products are designed to prime your organization for success, guiding you through the assessment and implementation of AI for your Destination Organization.

If your team is exploring AI – perhaps experimenting with ChatGPT during lunch breaks or striving to integrate it beyond a single team member’s project – then you’re at the perfect stage for a meaningful dialogue and evaluation. It’s crucial not to let innovation slip by while other DMOs forge ahead.

Our products focused on collaboration allow us to set your business up for success as you start to evaluate AI and AI implementation for your tourism-based business. 

If your team has been asking about AI – maybe you’re experimenting with ChatGPT on your lunch break or you’re trying to ensure it doesn’t remain on the side of a team member’s desk while other DMO’s pass you by in innovation then you are ready for a conversation and an evaluation. 

A Tourism Business' Blueprint for AI

Begin with an in-depth Artificial Intelligence Business Analysis, then transition to a structured roadmap to establish a clear, organization-wide AI vision for the upcoming year. Looking for more assistance? We’re also here to help you develop policies and provide guidance on implementation.

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