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Introducing the Tourism AI Podcast – your gateway to the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and the dynamic world of tourism. Join hosts Peter and Emily as they delve into the origins and benefits of the Tourism AI Network. With engaging discussions, expert interviews, and exclusive insights, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone in the tourism sector eager to harness the power of AI for a brighter future. 

Meet Your Hosts

Podcast Peter

Peter Pilarski 

With two decades of experience at the intersection of digital marketing, communications, and government relations, Peter brings a wealth of expertise to the podcast. As a seasoned strategist, he has assisted businesses across diverse industries in leveraging technology to effectively convey and disseminate their messages. Peter’s distinctive strength lies in his unwavering dedication to innovation and technological progress, especially in unlocking the vast potential of artificial intelligence. In his mission to demystify the complex realm of artificial intelligence, Peter is committed to helping individuals and businesses navigate and simplify the intricacies of this transformative technology. 

Emily Lundy 

Emily is CIPR Communications’ Marketing Specialist and resident podcast producer. Emily’s professional journey has weaved through communications, advanced education, and government, where she has accumulated valuable insights. Her true passion lies in community building, particularly within the realm of local business, aligning seamlessly with the significant ties between tourism and local communities. While historically harbouring some reservations about AI, Emily’s mindset has undergone a positive shift through engaging discussions with colleagues, community members and friends. She recognizes the transformative potential of AI in marketing and various industries, embracing its possibilities for innovation and wide-scale impact. While Emily may not participate in the discussion in each episode, you can be sure she’s working magic behind the scenes!

Podcast Emily
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