Tourism AI Network Welcomes TIABC as a Trailblazing Partner in Pioneering AI Integration in BC’s Tourism Industry

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In an exciting development for British Columbia’s tourism industry, the Tourism AI Network (TAIN) proudly announces the Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia (TIABC) as a Trailblazing Partner. This partnership represents a significant commitment to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the tourism sector, a move set to revolutionize the industry.

This strategic partnership hails back to the initial stages of the creation of the Tourism AI Network, where TAIN Founder Peter Pilarski and TIABC President Walt Judas collaborated closely.

Pilarski acknowledges, “The Tourism AI Network is thrilled to have TIABC as a Trailblazing Partner. The guidance, wisdom, and support from Walt have been pivotal. CIPR Communications, TAIN’s parent company, has a longstanding relationship with Walt and TIABC, and this partnership is a natural progression of our combined efforts and our collective desire to move British Columbia’s tourism industry forward.”

A key initiative of this partnership is the launch of a comprehensive survey targeting the BC tourism industry, aimed at understanding AI usage and perceptions. The findings will be presented at the BC Tourism Industry Conference in March, where Pilarski will provide an in-depth analysis of survey results, as well as practical tourism AI applications for attendees.

The partnership and survey launch are perfectly timed with the BC Tourism Industry Conference’s theme, “Shaping Our Future Together,” emphasizing the commitment to collaborative growth and innovation.

Walt Judas expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “TIABC is thrilled to partner with Peter and the Tourism AI Network. This partnership is crucial for educating the industry about AI and integrating it into our operations. It’s time we address our industry’s challenges with innovative solutions.”

TAIN encourages all TIABC members to participate in the AI survey. This initiative is an opportunity for industry stakeholders to contribute their views on AI integration. Participants will receive the comprehensive ‘State of AI in BC’s Tourism Industry Report’ following the TIABC March conference.
Individuals, whether located in British Columbia or beyond, who are interested in AI’s role in tourism are invited to join the Tourism AI Network.

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