Tourism AI Network Welcomes Andreas Mueller-Schubert and Georgia Mueller-Schubert New Advisors

Advisory Committee (1)

The Tourism AI Network is thrilled to announce the addition of Andreas Mueller-Schubert and Georgia Mueller-Schubert to its advisory board. As owners of Next Gen Wine Marketing, their extensive experience in digital marketing, business operations, and high-tech industries will provide invaluable insights and guidance as the network continues to grow and innovate.

Andreas is renowned for his expertise in digital marketing and business strategy. With an impressive background that includes senior management positions at Microsoft and Siemens, Andreas has over two decades of experience in the high-tech industry. In recent years, he has made significant impacts as the Co-owner, CEO, and Digital Marketing Strategist of Next Gen Wine Marketing, where his forward-thinking approach and mastery of market research have led to remarkable achievements.

Georgia Mueller-Schubert, as the Co-owner, CFO, and Creative Director of Next Gen Wine Marketing, brings a comprehensive skill set in digital marketing, design, and business operations. Her exceptional ability to blend financial acumen with marketing innovation has been instrumental in helping small to medium-sized businesses excel in a competitive digital landscape. Georgia’s commitment to fostering growth and her hands-on approach to client relationships have established her as a highly respected figure in digital marketing.

Peter Pilarski, Founder of the Tourism AI Network, expressed his excitement about the new appointments, stating, “We are incredibly fortunate to have Andreas and Georgia join our team as advisors. Their combined expertise in digital marketing and strategic business management will be a tremendous asset to our network. I’m confident that with their guidance, we will be able to further our mission of transforming the tourism industry through artificial intelligence. Together, we will set new benchmarks for innovation and excellence.”

The Tourism AI Network looks forward to leveraging Andreas and Georgia’s wealth of knowledge and experience for the betterment of our clients and the tourism industry as a whole. Their contributions will be key to developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the tourism experience for businesses and consumers alike.

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