Artificial Intelligence Policy

AI Policy creation  is essential for DMO’s who have completed the AI Business Analysis process and are looking to take further steps in implementing artificial intelligence solutions within their organization. 

Our AI Policy approach will take into account the recommendations of your AIBA and prioritize the functional areas that will most benefit from policy. The Tourism AI Network works collaboratively with you in the policy creation that is flexible (to allow for evolution in the quickly evolving AI industry) but ensures that your whole team is operating under the same AI principles.

Your team needs to take this step, If they: 

  • Are already using AI void of official organizational policy
  • Require guidance on how to use AI tools
  • Require guidance on which AI tools are appropriate for their tasks
  • Need to be empowered on AI use to excel organizational efficiencies

What to expect?

  • In-depth conversations to uncover priorities and to make sure policy is being created in a collaborative way that encourages buy-in
  • Official documentation and policy creation
  • Presentation and Discussion
  • Revisions after presentation
  • Policy finalization

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