AI Adoption Framework


AI Adoption Framework

The AI Adoption Framework tool is specifically developed to efficiently collect and understand the AI-related needs and specifications of your destination marketing organizations.

This tool aids in comprehensively gathering key information regarding your expectations, desired outcomes, and specific requirements for AI solutions.

How do you know if your DMO could benefit from an AI Adoption Framework?

  • Are you having conversations about AI and thinking about how it could potentially help your destination marketing organization?
  • Is AI implementation on the side of your desk – but you know staff are asking questions and starting to use tools?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or nervous about AI and don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you want someone to simplify your next steps on AI implementation?
  • Are you worried about falling behind on AI before you even start? 
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A Destination Marketing Organization’s Blueprint for AI

The AI Adoption Framework process helps you have a conversation about what exactly you might need, where you are really at, and what the next steps are.

The AI Adoption Framework process facilitates a meaningful dialogue to identify your specific needs, assess your current position, and determine the next steps.

This process actively involves the key business and functional leaders of your organization, including those in sales, marketing, operations, and finance. Our analysis is specifically tailored for DMOs. As DMO experts, we ensure that the outcomes are directly relevant to your organizational needs. This means you won’t face the challenge of drawing parallels between general business practices and your unique DMO context – our approach is designed exclusively for you!

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