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The Tourism AI Network is uniting destination organizations across North America in a collective effort to harness artificial intelligence. This initiative is focused on enhancing operational effectiveness, fostering peer-to-peer learning, and providing continuous guidance and insights on AI.

DMOs are joining the Tourism AI Network because they identified with one or more of these statements:

  • I want to learn about AI
  • I want to learn about how AI can help streamline DMO operations
  • I want to learn how AI can help promote my destination
  • I want to learn how to market in the world of AI
  • I want to understand how AI will impact jobs and responsibilities at my DMO
  • I want to understand the AI tools available to me as a DMO
  • Part of a community of people (like me) thinking about AI
  • I need help developing standards and policy around AI use in my DMO

Destination Organizations who join the Tourism AI Network:

  • Stay up to date on AI innovation that is applicable to YOU (DMOs and the tourism industry as a whole) 
  • Are first informed on training opportunities, courses, and events
  • Are first informed on tools, discounts, and partnerships
  • Stay up to date on how AI can help me do my job (and continue to focus on what I love) 
  • Gain access to our LinkedIn Groups

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What’s next? How can the Tourism AI Network help you?

DMOs Leading in AI

A number of DMOs have collaborated with the Tourism AI Network to advance their knowledge and understanding in the AI domain:

Tourism Prince George

Tourism Prince George started the important AI conversations with their stakeholders. They hosted Peter Pilarski for an introduction to AI presentation in order to fully kickoff efforts into exploring AI further in their region. 

“Inviting Peter to speak was a welcome opportunity to introduce our tourism and hospitality partners to AI. Equipped with background information on the rise of AI, Peter’s presentation offered ways on how to start leveraging this ever-changing tool. We look forward to engaging the Tourism AI Network in the future.”

Colin Carson, Executive Director, 
Tourism Prince George

Tourism Kamloops

Currently Tourism Kamloops is working in collaboration with the Tourism AI Network as they move through an Artificial Intelligence Business Analysis (AIBA). The results will lead them to a collaborative workshop with Tourism AI Network’s leader, Peter Pilarski, that will lead to the creation of the AI Roadmap and Policy for the entire organization. Tourism Kamloops will be hosting Peter Pilarski for a training workshop in December as he spends time with their stakeholders exploring AI and teaching the basics. 

“We are thrilled that Peter and the Tourism AI Network are helping us have important conversations about artificial intelligence. AI is daunting – and it is nice to be partnering with someone who is staying on top of the trends and can share important insights to help navigate our best approach. We are excited about the roadmap and future implementation.”

Monica Dickinson, CEO,
Tourism Kamloops

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