Tourism AI Network would not be possible without the generous support of our partners and supporters. 

Founding Partner

CIPR Communications is a public relations and digital marketing agency that specializes in the tourism industry. With clients across North America they have won several awards for their work on websites, public relations campaigns, and marketing. The concept of the Tourism AI Network was born out of several conversations that CIPR President, Peter Pilarski, had with clients and prospects as the AI revolution was beginning. It was clear there was a need for a trusted network to be created specific to the tourism industry in order to help fellow business leaders and marketers set their organizations and businesses up for success in the age of artificial intelligence. 

Trailblazing Partners

Our pioneering partners were involved before the launch of the Tourism AI Network, playing a crucial role in developing the foundational elements that support our mission to educate, collaborate, and foster community. These are genuine partners who acknowledged the potential of this tourism-industry-focused community and contributed significantly to elevating the Network even before its inception.

Premium Partners

The Tourism AI Network is keen to establish enduring and significant partnerships that will support the growth and adoption of AI within its community. If you are interested in becoming a premium partner, this offers the chance to be featured on our podcast, participate in our webinar series, become a recommended AI tool, or collaborate on various content initiatives. We are excited to hear from you.

Please contact us directly:

Spotlight Partners

“Our spotlight partners are those who, through their belief in AI and its transformative power in the tourism industry, enable us to pursue our passion. By contributing their time, resources, expertise, or funding, they become luminous figures within our community.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Spotlight Partner please contact us directly:

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