Exciting Updates and Initiatives at Tourism AI Network

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As we move through the warm and beautiful days of summer, I’m thrilled to share some exciting strategic updates and initiatives that we have lined up at the Tourism AI Network. Our mission to revolutionize the tourism industry through artificial intelligence continues to gain momentum, and we have several key projects in the works that we believe will provide immense value to our community. Here’s a look at what’s on the horizon.

Version 3 of the AI Adoption Framework

Over the past months, we’ve been diligently working on Version 3 of our AI Adoption Framework, aiming to make it even more relevant and beneficial for the tourism industry. For those unfamiliar, our journey started with the Artificial Intelligence Business Analysis (AIBA) process from our founding partner, WSI. This evolved into Version 2, the AI Adoption Framework, which made the process more accessible and added a crucial phase to help business leaders with structural and process-related aspects of AI adoption.

Version 3 is set to be our most comprehensive iteration yet. This update will:

  • Tailor all workshop content to the specific needs of the tourism sector.
  • Introduce new, tourism-focused AI tools and products.
  • Update resources to ensure they are fully aligned with industry specifics.
  • Include a list of off-the-shelf AI tools and implementations that can easily enhance efficiency and productivity in tourism organizations.

We are excited to roll out Version 3 in September, complete with new automations and AI tools to enhance the overall experience for participants. Stay tuned for more details as we approach the launch date.

Join Our Discord Community

We are also thrilled to announce the launch of our Tourism AI Network Discord channel! While we won’t be activating the channel until September, we encourage you to join now to stay connected. This will be a vibrant space for discussion, collaboration, and innovation. Over the summer, our focus will be on developing the comprehensive roadmap that will make this community as engaging and valuable as possible.

Curated Content and Newsletter Enhancements

To keep you informed and inspired, we will be curating a weekly list of articles and content related to the intersection of tourism and AI. This will include the latest product updates from technology companies that tourism professionals use daily. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to stay updated on all things AI in tourism, with this curated list becoming a regular feature in our Tourism AI Newsletter.

Podcast Format Updates

We’re also excited to announce changes to our podcast format. Moving forward, we will include interviews with technology leaders in the tourism space, providing you with up-to-date product roadmap updates straight from the source. Additionally, we want to highlight and feature tourism professionals who are actively experimenting with and implementing AI in their organizations. If you or your company are working on AI implementations and want to share your journey, please reach out to us for an interview!

Planning the First Tourism AI Conference

In an exciting development, we are in early discussions to plan the first-ever Tourism AI Conference, set to take place in early to mid-2025. This conference will be the only event dedicated exclusively to bridging the tourism industry with the technology and AI sectors. Our aim is to inspire today’s tourism leaders towards a new, AI-powered future. More details will be shared as plans progress, so stay tuned!

The team at Tourism AI Network has been hard at work getting the organization stood up over the last six months. The next six months will be focused on building momentum and creating a thriving community of tourism professionals dedicated to transforming the sector through AI. We are excited to bring these initiatives to life and encourage you to stay engaged, share the network with your peers, and, most importantly, start using AI to drive innovation in your organizations.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Here’s to an exciting future for tourism and AI!



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