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Our goal is to build an engaged community within the tourism and hospitality industry that can collaborate and learn from one another as we navigate the evolving work of artificial intelligence together. 

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Leaders like you are joining the Tourism AI Network because they identified with one or more of these statements.

  • I want to learn about AI
  • I want to learn about how AI can help streamline business operations
  • I want to learn how AI can help promote my tourism-based business
  • I want to learn how to market in the world of AI
  • I want to understand how AI will impact jobs and responsibilities in the tourism industry
  • I want to understand the AI tools available to me as a business owner
  • Part of a community of people (like me) thinking about AI
  • I need help developing standards and policy around AI use in my tourism-based business

Tourism Business Leaders that are a part of the Tourism AI Network:

  • Stay up to date on AI innovation that is applicable to YOU (tourism-based businesses and the tourism industry as a whole)
  • Are first informed on training opportunities, courses, and events
  • Are first informed on tools, discounts, and partnerships
  • Stay up to date about how AI can help me do my job (and continue to focus on what I love)
  • Gain access to our LinkedIn Groups

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