AI Implementation Highlight – Tourism Kelowna’s New AI Chatbot, Kaiti

kolby milton 7EApl km9zw unsplash

Our mission at Tourism AI Network is to drive the adoption and understanding of AI in the tourism industry by providing education, fostering collaboration, and building a community of through leaders and practitioners.  As part of this mission, we seek to highlight some of the great initiatives being undertaken by tourism industry professionals, whether those […]

Navigating the AI Landscape: Lessons from McDonald’s and the Future of Jobs

DALL·E 2024 06 19 08.33.02 A futuristic McDonald's restaurant with advanced AI features, focusing on the McDonald's logo. The exterior is sleek and modern, with neon lights and

In recent discussions about the future of work, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) remains a hot topic. Two recent articles provide intriguing insights into this evolving landscape. Forbes explores “12 Jobs ChatGPT Will Soon Replace,” while Business Insider examines McDonald’s deployment of AI in its drive-thrus. Together, these articles highlight a common theme: predictions […]

ChatGPT 4o vs. Gemini 1.5 Pro: Implications for the Tourism Industry

chatgpt 4o vs gemini 1 5 pr

When I present about AI to tourism audiences at conferences or when I talk to tourism businesses one-on-one, I always recommend that people begin their AI journey by trying ChatGPT. While “out of the box” ChatGPT only scratches the surface of what is possible with AI, the reality is that for many tourism businesses, it’s […]

Key AI Updates from Google I/O 2024: Transforming the Tourism Industry

key ai updates from google

Last week at Google’s I/O 2024 conference, Google unveiled 100 announcements showcasing the latest in AI innovation. Honestly, I found their approach to be quite overwhelming and hard to get my head around, so I wrote this article to showcase what I believe to be the 10 most important announcements for the tourism industry. Here […]

Exciting Updates from OpenAI: How GPT-4o is Transforming Tourism

exciting updates from opena

OpenAI has recently unveiled its latest AI model, GPT-4o, an upgrade that promises to revolutionize how businesses interact with AI and begins to make the promise of AI agents feel that much closer.  The new model, also known as GPT-4 Omni, integrates advanced multimodal capabilities, making it a powerful tool for the tourism industry. This […]

Unlock the Power of AI by Focusing on People First

unlock the power of ai by f

There are interesting trends happening in workplaces around the world that employers should be paying close attention to if they want to successfully take advantage of the AI revolution. Microsoft and LinkedIn gave us an in-depth look at these trends in their recently published 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report, which is a must read […]

Tourism AI Network Welcomes Jeremy Adamson to Its Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

The Tourism AI Network (TAIN), a pioneering organization at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence in tourism, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jeremy Adamson to its Advisory Committee. Jeremy, a renowned figure in the realm of AI and analytics strategy, brings a wealth of experience across various sectors, including aviation, energy, financial services, […]

Revolutionizing Tourism Reporting with the BC DMO Reporting Tool

Default presenting a business report in a beautiful forest 3

Feature image produced by Leonardo AI. In the ever-evolving landscape of tourism, innovation is not just a goal; it’s a necessity.  At the forefront of this transformative journey is Tourism AI Labs, under the visionary leadership of Peter Pilarski and the robust framework of the Tourism AI Network.  We’re excited to introduce our inaugural project, […]

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