Announcing the Launch of the Tourism AI Network: Fostering Community and Growth in North American Tourism through AI

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Today marks the official launch of the Tourism AI Network, an initiative led by Peter Pilarski, through his tourism focused marketing and communications agency, CIPR Communications Inc.. This initiative aims to bring together North American tourism businesses and destination marketing organizations in a collaborative effort to integrate artificial intelligence into the tourism sector, enhancing knowledge sharing and support.

The Tourism AI Network aims to serve as a collaborative hub, offering a platform for education and knowledge exchange, with a specific focus on the practical, modern application of AI in tourism. The network will provide professional development through courses, seminars, white papers, research, networking opportunities, and AI consulting services, positioning tourism destinations and businesses at the forefront of AI driven technological advancements.

Peter Pilarski, the visionary behind the Tourism AI Network, shared his excitement: “In an ever-evolving technological landscape, the Tourism AI Network stands as a key enabler for transformative growth within the tourism industry. Our goal is to unite destination organizations and tourism businesses in a shared journey of innovation, shaping the future of tourism through collective insights and strategies.”

The network’s dedication to advancing AI in tourism is supported by several key partners, including WSI, a global leader in digital marketing. WSI’s commitment to this venture underscores a shared vision of an innovative, efficient industry.

“WSI is thrilled to partner with Peter and the Tourism AI Network to guide the tourism industry towards a new horizon of technological advancement,” said Cheryl Baldwin, Director of Marketing and Communications at WSI World. “Our collaboration is aimed at empowering destination organizations and tourism operators to fully leverage AI, fostering a transformative business environment.”

Additionally, the Tourism AI Network has formed strategic alliances with organizations like WSI NextGen Marketing, Eagle Nook Resort and Tourism Kamloops. Tourism Kamloops, a British Columbia based destination marketing organization, views this partnership as an avenue to enhance their visitor experiences.

“Tourism Kamloops is delighted to collaborate with the Tourism AI Network,” stated Monica Dickinson, CEO of Tourism Kamloops. “This partnership complements our commitment to utilizing technology for the betterment of our visitors and the sustainable development of our community.”

The Tourism AI Network is poised to redefine the use of AI in North American tourism, promoting a community-driven approach to innovation and support. As the network grows, it is set to make tourism smarter, more efficient, and more focused on delivering memorable guest experiences.

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