A Majority of Calgary Residents Did Not Embrace Generative AI in 2023

How AI Machine Learning are Transforming the Travel Tourism Industry

Poll results show that 64.4% of Calgarians did not use AI technology in the past 12 months

 The Tourism AI Network, a newly created Calgary-based organization focused on driving adoption and understanding of AI in the tourism industry, conducted a Calgary-wide telephone poll in the last week of November to get a better understanding about how Calgary residents and businesses approached artificial intelligence in 2023. This survey sheds light on Calgarians’ perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the findings indicate interesting results in our community.

Calgary AI Use Still in its Infancy: According to the telephone poll, which reached 765 respondents across the city, 68.5% of Calgary respondents said they did not use AI in the past 12 months. 

AI Adoption Rates: Delving deeper, the survey revealed various levels of AI adoption among respondents. Some are just beginning to explore its potential, with 9.1% stating they’ve used AI tools “in their personal lives, but not at work,” while 8.2% have integrated AI tools “a few times at work.” Moreover, 6.8% reported using AI tools “a few times at work and in their personal lives.” A smaller 2.5% have embraced AI “frequently at work and in their personal life.” Interestingly, 2.9% admitted they have not heard about AI tools, indicating the need for more awareness.

Employer Engagement: In the workplace, the survey discovered that a substantial 60.2% of respondents reported that their employers have not discussed AI in the past year. However, 17.1% stated that their employers have well-defined policies regarding AI in the workplace, while 10.7% mentioned having broad guidelines, and 12% stated AI was mentioned in passing.

AI Impact on Jobs: Addressing the crucial question of AI’s impact on jobs, 29.5% of respondents believed that AI would have a positive effect on their employment, whereas 34.2% expressed concerns about a negative impact. Another 36.4% indicated that they don’t anticipate AI affecting their jobs.

Responding to survey results, Tourism AI Network Founder, Peter Pilarski, reflected: “Given that a good portion of employers seem to be talking about AI and that a majority of workers believe AI will impact their jobs, I’m surprised that more Calgarians have not given these new tools a try. While we are definitely still at the very early stages of the generative AI revolution, there is no doubt in my mind that this technological wave will impact every one of us. I encourage Calgarians to give at least one generative AI tool a try over the holidays and to take the opportunity to get more educated on the topic, which will impact all of us in 2024 and beyond.” 

2023 has undeniably been a transformative year in the field of generative AI. The release of ChatGPT in late November 2022 marked the beginning of a new era, and throughout 2023, we witnessed remarkable developments in the AI landscape. As we approach 2024, the Tourism AI Network anticipates a shift from curiosity and exploration to substantial business implementation and scaling. This transition is expected to have far-reaching implications for businesses and individuals alike in the next several years.

“What makes generative AI particularly exciting is how it democratizes technology,” continued Pilarski. “The newly available AI tools are remarkably user-friendly, making them accessible to everyone.” 

As we step into 2024, the Tourism AI Network remains committed to fostering a deeper understanding and broader adoption of AI technologies within Calgary and beyond. Our survey highlights a significant opportunity for growth and learning, which is a core focus of the organization. The Tourism AI Network has a series of polls planned for 2024 that are specific to AI adoption and use within the tourism industry, as well as amongst the general public. To learn more about the network, visit www.tourismainetwork.com

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